Casey Jr. Circus Train 

  July 31, 1955

The Casey Jr. Train (based off of the train in the 1941 movie Dumbo) made its debut in Disneyland  14 days after The park opened due to mechanical difficulties. 

It wasn’t until 1956 when the storybook land attraction set sail and the miniature villages and homes from storybook land would be the perfect backdrop for the Casey Jr. passengers. 

I hope you all enjoyed the blog! Let me know in the comments what you would like me to talk about! 



Mulan Monday (1)

Today is day one of our Disney Work out, Depending on how you feel, you decide your level and your rest time on the workouts. Now enough chit chat its time to get down to business…So the song you need to put on is “Ill Make A Man Out Of You” from the Mulan soundtrack.

What We Are Working: Lower abs, front hip flexors, hamstrings, flutes, abs, side hip flexors, triceps, adductors, lateral abs, shoulders and quads

Remember do what you can, but never give up because you got to be true to your heart! Great first day! 



Lets Get Down To Business


Many of you have heard about runDisney, if you haven’t Disney hosts many different running events on Disney property, where each event is themed differently with different medals, originally you can run in Disneyland or Disney World BUT starting in 2016 Disneyland Paris will be hosting there first ever runDisney event, and it is true that every mile is a magic mile! Unknown-2But i am not here to talk about the runDisney event itself BUT more so on how to build your confidence to start your running journey! Its not about weight in any means, its about living a better lifestyle and finding that anything is possible if you just believe.


Most people dont believe they can run, many of us make up many excuses on why we can’t and just give up, BUT we all know that Disney likes to push the boundaries. So instead of me going on and on about you need to just start your running we will take it slow and build up to that magic mile!


Don’t be intimidated, working out may not be the most funnest thing in the world BUT if you are a Disney fan like me you might like what i have in-store. Disney is all about embracing your inner child, believing in the impossible so to start us off we will be embracing our Disney side! Silly right? Trust me its a lot of fun to do the impossible so will you be jointing me? I have the perfect plan to get you on your way to your first ever event! So keep calm and runDisney!



The Challenge

So my friends and i decided that after we got off of work we would go to McDonalds and buy three 20 piece chicken nuggets and see how many we can eat in 60 seconds…great idea right?


Not really…I dont like McDonalds nor do i eat late because than i feel sick to my tummy….BUT i decided it would be fun so i went ahead and joined in on the challenge…when we got the chicken nuggets we went back to work because where better to have an eating contest than at a gym…Shameful i know…

It was actually a lot of fun, Obviously i lost along with my friend Lena we ate 4 in 60 seconds but in my defense they were super hot…and in her defense she only ordered 4. My friend Sam came in second with 7 than our friend Harry AKA the Greek God came in first by eating 9…he kicked our butts,

Our other friends Deante kept track of time while our other friend Claudia recorded us stuffing our faces! As you can probably tell we are very very close co workers…or just super mad like the hatter! All and all i had a pretty good night and can’t wait to edit the video and post it up so everyone can laugh at us… 🙂



Fun Fact: Finding Nemo

I haven’t done a fun fact in a long time so I feel like is way over due….so let’s jump right in!

Did you know the entire Pixar staff had to hit the books and take a graduate class in fish biology before making finding Nemo? Pretty cool right? Well it gets even cooler!!

Nemo actually appeared in Monsters Inc as one of Boo’s toys, two years before it was actually released!

Little did we know we got a sneak preview of the future! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s fun fact! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below of your favorite Disney fact below!

Have a magical day guys and I send a million kisses your way!



You Know You’re A Dog Owner If…

This one is for all my puppy lovers out there who can relate to me when i say…You Know You’re A Dog Owner If…

1. Grooming.

When your furry friend is more pampered than you are…you know they get groomed more than you get your own hair cut! ya…im so guilty!

2. No Pets In Bed(on furniture).

So we all have tried it and most to all of us have failed…When you say no pets allowed on the furniture or in bed and seconds later that rule is non existent because they are just way too cute and face it you feel bad for them when you see them on the floor all by themselves…

3. Daily Exercise.

No matter if its rain, shine, snow or wind, whatever the weather may be you and your pup(s) still go on the regular walks!

4. Rainy Days.

When the forecast says rain you know that mud and wet dog smell is in your future!

5. Recent Searches.

When your recent search history is looking for places that are Dog Friendly!

I can relate again to all of this…can you? i hope you guys enjoyed Pt. 2 of You Know You’re A Dog Owner If!! Let me know if you can relate to any of these in the comments below!

Have a magical day guys we send a million puppy kisses your way! Till next time!


-City Pups


In with the positive out with the negative.   Disney has always played a major role in my life. For me it’s a get away from the real world and where my childish behavior and thinking is actually accepted, no matter what age I am.

 But for those days I can’t be in a Disney park, I have my pups who fill my life with an endless supply of happiness and love. I guess you can say I’m the crazy dog lady because my two pups are my world! I mean what can I say? They are just way too cute!!!  No matter how much life changes or gets Disney and pups will always stay consistent and positive in my life, which as crazy as life can get is pretty awesome to have something pretty consistent! I mean you are not a true Disney fan if you have never given out Disney advice!

Disney+Dogs=Life explains me perfectly! After all this is just a journey through my eyes!



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