This one is for all my puppy lovers out there who can relate to me when i say…You Know You’re A Dog Owner If…

1. Grooming.

When your furry friend is more pampered than you are…you know they get groomed more than you get your own hair cut! ya…im so guilty!

2. No Pets In Bed(on furniture).

So we all have tried it and most to all of us have failed…When you say no pets allowed on the furniture or in bed and seconds later that rule is non existent because they are just way too cute and face it you feel bad for them when you see them on the floor all by themselves…

3. Daily Exercise.

No matter if its rain, shine, snow or wind, whatever the weather may be you and your pup(s) still go on the regular walks!

4. Rainy Days.

When the forecast says rain you know that mud and wet dog smell is in your future!

5. Recent Searches.

When your recent search history is looking for places that are Dog Friendly!

I can relate again to all of this…can you? i hope you guys enjoyed Pt. 2 of You Know You’re A Dog Owner If!! Let me know if you can relate to any of these in the comments below!

Have a magical day guys we send a million puppy kisses your way! Till next time!


-City Pups