The Challenge

So my friends and i decided that after we got off of work we would go to McDonalds and buy three 20 piece chicken nuggets and see how many we can eat in 60 seconds…great idea right?


Not really…I dont like McDonalds nor do i eat late because than i feel sick to my tummy….BUT i decided it would be fun so i went ahead and joined in on the challenge…when we got the chicken nuggets we went back to work because where better to have an eating contest than at a gym…Shameful i know…

It was actually a lot of fun, Obviously i lost along with my friend Lena we ate 4 in 60 seconds but in my defense they were super hot…and in her defense she only ordered 4. My friend Sam came in second with 7 than our friend Harry AKA the Greek God came in first by eating 9…he kicked our butts,

Our other friends Deante kept track of time while our other friend Claudia recorded us stuffing our faces! As you can probably tell we are very very close co workers…or just super mad like the hatter! All and all i had a pretty good night and can’t wait to edit the video and post it up so everyone can laugh at us… 🙂



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