Lets Get Down To Business


Many of you have heard about runDisney, if you haven’t Disney hosts many different running events on Disney property, where each event is themed differently with different medals, originally you can run in Disneyland or Disney World BUT starting in 2016 Disneyland Paris will be hosting there first ever runDisney event, and it is true that every mile is a magic mile! Unknown-2But i am not here to talk about the runDisney event itself BUT more so on how to build your confidence to start your running journey! Its not about weight in any means, its about living a better lifestyle and finding that anything is possible if you just believe.


Most people dont believe they can run, many of us make up many excuses on why we can’t and just give up, BUT we all know that Disney likes to push the boundaries. So instead of me going on and on about you need to just start your running we will take it slow and build up to that magic mile!


Don’t be intimidated, working out may not be the most funnest thing in the world BUT if you are a Disney fan like me you might like what i have in-store. Disney is all about embracing your inner child, believing in the impossible so to start us off we will be embracing our Disney side! Silly right? Trust me its a lot of fun to do the impossible so will you be jointing me? I have the perfect plan to get you on your way to your first ever event! So keep calm and runDisney!



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