Strut Your Mutt!

Hey Puppy Lovers! 

 This year the pups and I found out about this awesome organization that raises money to help save lives of homeless pets across the country! 

Call me crazy but the pups and I have registered and the walk is in 3 days!  Crazy right? None the less we are so excited and fortunate to help out pups in need and if you would like to donate,  join our team or just see what it is here is some info! 


You and anyone you know with the swag to strut for homeless pets in San Francisco or around the nation


A leisurely fundraising dog walk with (or without) your dog followed by a doggie themed festival that includes pet contests, photos, doggie goodies, fun activities for you and your furry friend, food, refreshments and more!! 


McLaren Park, 100 John F Shelley Dr. SF Ca


Saturday October 3, 2015

Registration opens at 9am: walk at 10:30am: Festival will end at 2pm


To raise money for your favorite local animal welfare group (any of ‘best friends’ local no more homeless pets network partners) or best friends animal society to help save them all! 

So if you are interested please feel free to leave a comment below! Or just follow my link to get to the City pups page! 

 Thank you for all your support ahead of time!! And if you are in the San Francisco are please feel free to find us and say hi!!! We love making new friends!!! 


Morning Routine: Puppy Edition

Good Morning puppy lovers!!!To start the morning off, the pups and I get up at 6am and go for a 20 minute run. When we are done, I put 1 cup of water in the microwave for three minutes, put nice fresh cold water out, change the pee pad, put the pups hair up and then I start getting ready!10479531_10201342071754121_3985726905276709542_nAfter i am done getting ready, we lay in the bed for a couple of minutes while I check my phone, 1966830_644885655570722_215709009_nwe than work on some tricks, tidy up the room and put there toys away. Then the pups and i eat, and i am off to work, while the pups snuggle up with my baby cousin and mom until i get home!11188154_10202702426322135_5028250078458906340_nThis is our daily morning routine that works best for us and our schedule! I love spending time cuddling with the pups especially in the morning because they are just the sweetest little things ever! I know i cant be the only one who has a specific morning routine with there pups, so if you have one please feel free to share yours with me in the comments below!!


Last Day Of The Diamond Celebration

1422642847850Disney has officially announced the end date of The Diamond Celebration!

I know its the saddest thing other than Aladdin to be announced BUT all good things must come to an end to make room for more amazing things! image745-1440x564_cThe Diamond Celebrations last day will officially be September 5, 2016!

If you have been wanting to check it out be sure to plan accordingly to celebrate 60 years of magic!!! Its a lot of fun and super magical! Paint the night, World of color: Celebrate, and of course Disneyland Forever are all AMAZING and magical shows, you don’t want to miss!


Disney Did You Know: A113

 Did you know A113 refers to the classroom number at the art school where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney attended.

It is in every Pixar movie ever made!

 Hope you enjoyed today’s Disney Did You Know!


Season Of The Force: Disneyland Update!

here are some fun details about Season Of The Force in Dinseyland! Now I’m saying Disneyland because WDW has yet to put out anymore updates/details for there Star Wars land! Let’s get started…Lightspeed to Endore!!!

Starting November 16, season of the force will take guests to a galaxy far far away such as:

Star Wars Launch Bay

  • This will be providing guests opportunities to visit characters, special exhibits, sneak peeks of the up coming Star Wars movie The Force Awakens and much much more!

Choose your Destiny

  • Dark side:

Guests will encounter one of Star Wars most iconic villains Darth Vader

  • Light Side

This is where you can meet the one and only famous co pilot Chewbacca!

Explore Dark and Light

  • Dark side gallery

Take a look at some pretty out of this world authentic prices of the storm trooper armer as well as some pretty cool and famous Sith Ligtsabers!

  • Light side  gallery

Here guests will be able to explore rebel flight helmets and some light sabers welded by Jedi Knights!

  • Preview gallery

This wil allow guests to see some props from the upcoming Star Wars film!

  • Starship Gallery

This is where guests can discover famous starships and there pilot throught the star wars saga.

Trials of The Temple

Starting in December, guests will experience a whole new twist on the Jedi Training! Guests will be able to interact with new characters and villains from the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebel.

But hold on to your starfighters The Adventure Continues with one of our most popular attractions Star Tours! Star Tours will be  featuring new scenes which will be inspired by the newest film.

Limited Time Experience

  • Space mountain will be transformed into Hyperspace Mountain
  • You can revisit scenes from the classic Star Wars films at the tomorrowland theater
  • Plus you an try some out of this world themed food

To be honest I am getting more and more excited about the upcoming season of the force! It sounds like a lot of fun and I am so excited to try some Star Wars themed food!


Keep It Clean!

 Washig your pups bowl is something that is  often overlooked BUT it plays a very important part of our pups health and well being! I personally clean my pups bowl Monday’s and Fridays, BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH!  

 Not cleaning them can often result in diseases and bacteria build up in there bowls! I know a lot of you are like me and our fur babies are just way to important to  us to allow there bowls to attract bacteria, bugs and mold! Plus a lot of the times if we don’t clean there bowls, it can be a major turn off to our pups which can result them not eating or drinking and getting them sick down the line.  As pup owners we should be washing there food and water bowls EVERYDAY! Now if you have an electric or battery powered water fountain you should try and wash it at least twice a week because although the water is moving, hair, lint and dust can still get in.  If we do this, this will help keep our pups healthy and interested in there food and water! Which means we can help prevent them from getting sick or dehydrated!  This is a super simple task because we wash our dished every time we are done and eating and drinking. So just include there’s in as well,  this will bring for a happier and healthier fur baby! 

So with that being said will you keep it clean?


Did You Know: Jungle Book

Did You Know:

images-10The Jungle Book was the last movie personally overseen by Walt Disney?

images-9Unfortunately he passed away before he seen the finished product…Walt Disney passed away December 15, 1966 while The Jungle Book was released December 7, 1967.


runDisney: Paris Update

images-8There has been a lot of talk about having a runDisney event in Paris BUT there hasn’t been much info about and FINALLY there is a couple of pretty good details…so runners set….GOOOOOOOO!!!Unknown-5The expo will be held in the Disney Events Arena on Thursday 09/22 from 3pm-8pm, Friday 09/23 and Saturday 09/24 from 8am-8pm, where you can pick up your packets, bibs, and all the stuff you pick up when you go to the expo!

On friday 09/23 there will be a Kick Off Party for the inaugural Disneyland Paris half marathon in the Walt Disney Studios Park! There will be exclusive attractions, plenty of food and drinks!

Now even though its called the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, there will be three runs, kids races, a 5k and of course the Half Marathon! The kids kids races will be held 09/ 24 while the 5k will be on Saturday 09/24 at 7am, there will be 5500 spots!

Now the half marathon will be on sunday 09/25 at 7am they will have 12000 spaces for this run!  So just like any other Disney run prepare your computers, alarm clocks and of course your credit card! Some other news they released is unfortunately this run will not have a theme BUT they did re assure us that it will still have the same awesome Disney Magic and fun to it as any other run!

Starting October 6 2/3 of the bibs will be on sale and will be sold as travel packages which means Travel, hotel and tickets will be included! Now January 2016 1/3 of the bibs will be on sale at about $65.00, they will also be sold as race only, this “plan” is more targeted to European Visitors.Unknown-4I am so excited that they have announced more details for this run, because it has literally been a dream of mine to go to Disneyland Paris and now that i can run and get some Disneyland Paris inaugural bling i am even more excited! Are any of you going to be running this event??? what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


Update on Belle

 Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted up Too Much Energy? So I decided it’s time for an update on how she is doing!!  I’m not going to lie it was a lot of work, BUT it was so worth it because she is listening and not getting into any trouble she is back being the perfect little angel I know she is!  Something’s that I have change is instead of two walks, 1 run and going over tricks every night, we now do one walk everyday and go for a run on Saturday while Sunday we take it easy and just walk from our apartment building to the front of the apartment complex and back! All and al I’m very pleased and think that this is what she needed just to burn off so energy so she can re focus herself on what she is suppose to do! Which makes life so much easier!!!


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