Too Much Energy!?

11188154_10202702426322135_5028250078458906340_nMy little girl has been getting into EVERYTHING! Normally i trust my pups to watch my food and i can walk away and leave it on the floor or right in front of them and they wont touch it BUT  the past two days my Belle has been eating it like its nothing, she has eaten off my plate twice…its really frustrating cause she knows its bad, I’ve trained her not to touch it…so I’ve been working with her again to not touch it even though she can reach it, so now she gets into the bathroom trash and shreds toilet paper, she steals my little cousins crayons, and she hops on the stool to get to the kitchen garbage..

10151229_10201901036807898_7829734487205322002_nI’m at a loss and so i start watching Dog Whisperer to get some answers…the first episode i pull up the dog is frustrated because he isn’t getting enough exercise…so even though he knows what he is doing is wrong thats his cry for help to burn off energy…so immediately i go out for a mile run with Belle and start working on some new tricks, hiding food to stimulate her little brain to redirect her built up energy. I honestly though our morning walk and our night runs were enough for her but i guess i was wrong?

10405439_10201690894874481_7560195012527728022_nSo i decided that i will be adding one more walk to the afternoon, so a total of two walks and one run in a day, while also challenging her brain with different puppy activities and games to keep her from getting into trouble… i honestly hope this is going to helps to get her back on track because she is such a good little pup and i hate seeing her doing things she is not suppose to…Have you ever had a problem like this? what do you do to get them back on track?



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