Get Ready With Me: runDisney Edition

Unknown-1Since the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is coming up, i thought it would be pretty fun to do a get ready with me post on what i do in the morning to get ready! So runners, on your mark get set…..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 10629601_10201852275628899_5310380950462627744_nStarting with the night before i make sure to set my clothes, shoes, bib, hat and arm band by my bed, to make it easier in the morning, i than set my alarm for 3:50am to give myself that extra 10 minutes of attempting to get out of bed.10340131_10202179442327862_6245717577339304916_nOnce i finally convince myself to get up i do the normal, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. i make sure to put on some icy hot because i do get a bit achey in certain places, and it helps me get through the run. Than i hop on the bus that takes me to my corral and take my super awesome early running selfie! 1517667_10200410168936390_1973427226_nYou should try and eat a little something, especially when you are doing a lot of running it helps keep your sugar up. I personally like to eat the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms! 482526_10200449994131995_1315552183_nBUT my favorite thing to do is take a lot of pictures!!! I normally run with some of my family….its super fun to have someone else on the course with you, but Disney does an amazing job hosting these events that you never feel like your running an event alone because the people running an cheering become your instant best friends! 10406506_10202758967215622_6126782983133635083_nI hope you enjoyed my little Get ready with me post! Although i dont do much to get ready, i think it could be helpful, especially if you’ve never run an event before. Let me know somethings you do to get ready for a runDisney event in the comments below!



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