Why I runDisney?

why do i runDisney?

1607041_10200378596627845_114054550_nI want to prove to myself that even though i might be in pain or hit a wall, if you just keep pushing though the end result is so much sweeter. Each run has new memories, and each medal is a new milestone. 10991074_10202324409511951_1193194378298679368_nI was born with Spina Bifida, which is a neural tube defect in my lower back. I wasn’t suppose to walk but i beat the odds. I have ran runDisney for about two years now with back to back races. I have noticed that with every run it gets harder and harder to go on, and i have always thought the more you run, the easier it gets. Unfortunately thats not the case for me.10530906_10201846271198792_535678980723254960_nHaving Spina Bifida, i am in constant pain everyday of my life, some days are better some days are worse…BUT knowing there are so many people at the event cheering you on, watching you succeed, i dont think I’m quite ready to give that up…The memories are magical, you just got to chase after your dreams, and never give up! runDisney is a lifestyle.



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