Last Curtain Call!!!

images-7It was announced that my beloved Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure will be taking its LAST yes i repeat LAST curtain call January 10, 2016 after about 14,000 shows Disney has decided to replace Aladdin with Frozen. frozen-disneylandDana Herral says that the stage production of Frozen will stay true to the heart and soul of the film. Frozen will have larger than life musical numbers, amazing scenes, and of course the lovable characters to bring the story to life in 2016. AladdinIts sad to see a classic go… and although i do enjoy the film Frozen, but Aladdin is definitely my favorite show since it came to the Hyperion theater in 2003, i catch the show every trip…but honestly my heart is a bit broken that i will no longer hear the wise cracks of the Genie. Luckily there will be several more performances before the Genie says for the last time he’s “outta here!”Disneys-Aladdin-A-Musical-Spectacular-at-California-Adventure-ParkLet me  take this time to send a big THANK YOU to the cast and crew of the Aladdin: A musical Spectacular for a visually beautiful, laugh filled, and entertaining production. You guys have always made my trips more magical and you will definitely be missed.UnknownIf you have never seen the show i highly suggest you get on it because you will be missing out on something spectacular! But i know whatever Disney works on, will be magical, so i will try and stay positive with this change, because it is Disney and change is always going to happen and all we can do is make the best out of it!


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