runDisney: Paris Update

images-8There has been a lot of talk about having a runDisney event in Paris BUT there hasn’t been much info about and FINALLY there is a couple of pretty good details…so runners set….GOOOOOOOO!!!Unknown-5The expo will be held in the Disney Events Arena on Thursday 09/22 from 3pm-8pm, Friday 09/23 and Saturday 09/24 from 8am-8pm, where you can pick up your packets, bibs, and all the stuff you pick up when you go to the expo!

On friday 09/23 there will be a Kick Off Party for the inaugural Disneyland Paris half marathon in the Walt Disney Studios Park! There will be exclusive attractions, plenty of food and drinks!

Now even though its called the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, there will be three runs, kids races, a 5k and of course the Half Marathon! The kids kids races will be held 09/ 24 while the 5k will be on Saturday 09/24 at 7am, there will be 5500 spots!

Now the half marathon will be on sunday 09/25 at 7am they will have 12000 spaces for this run!  So just like any other Disney run prepare your computers, alarm clocks and of course your credit card! Some other news they released is unfortunately this run will not have a theme BUT they did re assure us that it will still have the same awesome Disney Magic and fun to it as any other run!

Starting October 6 2/3 of the bibs will be on sale and will be sold as travel packages which means Travel, hotel and tickets will be included! Now January 2016 1/3 of the bibs will be on sale at about $65.00, they will also be sold as race only, this “plan” is more targeted to European Visitors.Unknown-4I am so excited that they have announced more details for this run, because it has literally been a dream of mine to go to Disneyland Paris and now that i can run and get some Disneyland Paris inaugural bling i am even more excited! Are any of you going to be running this event??? what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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