Keep It Clean!

 Washig your pups bowl is something that is  often overlooked BUT it plays a very important part of our pups health and well being! I personally clean my pups bowl Monday’s and Fridays, BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH!  

 Not cleaning them can often result in diseases and bacteria build up in there bowls! I know a lot of you are like me and our fur babies are just way to important to  us to allow there bowls to attract bacteria, bugs and mold! Plus a lot of the times if we don’t clean there bowls, it can be a major turn off to our pups which can result them not eating or drinking and getting them sick down the line.  As pup owners we should be washing there food and water bowls EVERYDAY! Now if you have an electric or battery powered water fountain you should try and wash it at least twice a week because although the water is moving, hair, lint and dust can still get in.  If we do this, this will help keep our pups healthy and interested in there food and water! Which means we can help prevent them from getting sick or dehydrated!  This is a super simple task because we wash our dished every time we are done and eating and drinking. So just include there’s in as well,  this will bring for a happier and healthier fur baby! 

So with that being said will you keep it clean?


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