Season Of The Force: Disneyland Update!

here are some fun details about Season Of The Force in Dinseyland! Now I’m saying Disneyland because WDW has yet to put out anymore updates/details for there Star Wars land! Let’s get started…Lightspeed to Endore!!!

Starting November 16, season of the force will take guests to a galaxy far far away such as:

Star Wars Launch Bay

  • This will be providing guests opportunities to visit characters, special exhibits, sneak peeks of the up coming Star Wars movie The Force Awakens and much much more!

Choose your Destiny

  • Dark side:

Guests will encounter one of Star Wars most iconic villains Darth Vader

  • Light Side

This is where you can meet the one and only famous co pilot Chewbacca!

Explore Dark and Light

  • Dark side gallery

Take a look at some pretty out of this world authentic prices of the storm trooper armer as well as some pretty cool and famous Sith Ligtsabers!

  • Light side  gallery

Here guests will be able to explore rebel flight helmets and some light sabers welded by Jedi Knights!

  • Preview gallery

This wil allow guests to see some props from the upcoming Star Wars film!

  • Starship Gallery

This is where guests can discover famous starships and there pilot throught the star wars saga.

Trials of The Temple

Starting in December, guests will experience a whole new twist on the Jedi Training! Guests will be able to interact with new characters and villains from the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebel.

But hold on to your starfighters The Adventure Continues with one of our most popular attractions Star Tours! Star Tours will be  featuring new scenes which will be inspired by the newest film.

Limited Time Experience

  • Space mountain will be transformed into Hyperspace Mountain
  • You can revisit scenes from the classic Star Wars films at the tomorrowland theater
  • Plus you an try some out of this world themed food

To be honest I am getting more and more excited about the upcoming season of the force! It sounds like a lot of fun and I am so excited to try some Star Wars themed food!


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