Enchanted…The Sequel?


The 2007 Disney movie Enchanted was rumored to have a sequel, they said J. David Stem and David N. Weiss were recruited to put together a screen draft and thats all we pretty much new about the Enchanted sequel…until NOW!

It is rumored that princess Giselle will be making her return to the big screen in Disenchanted, The House Of Mouse did confirm they want to move forward in production with director Anne Fletcher still attached with the film. UnknownApparently the film is active in production, but much like summer of 2014 there are still very little details about the script and if screenplay will be carried over or not. As much as i would love to see Disenchanted i am definitely going to be cautious with my feeling and excitement because it could be like Tron 3 they were ready to get things moving and at the last second they pulled the pulled the plug right before production was suppose to get underway this fall.

smart-pip-thinks2None the less my fingers are crossed and i am ready for more catchy songs like “How Do You Know”. Hopefully more details about Disenchanted will come out to reassure my little excited Disney heart that Pip will be making his return!


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