Stay Positive.

Sometimes it takes an hour talk with your grandma to make you feel better!images-5I dont know why but for the past two day my anxiety and stress level has been super ridiculous…I wasn’t able to sleep and i was panicking for no reason or stressing over something silly. Normally i can stay pretty positive and look for a silver lining in every situation but i couldn’t shake the negative feelings. quote-positiveThis morning when i woke up i was still feeling pretty poorly so i called my nana and had a nice hour long chat with her. We just talked about movies and how she was doing and just random things. In the end she reminded to stay positive and keep my chin up, and just like that my negativeness was gone. i am really grateful and thankful that i can rely on my nana, and just call her up when i need to talk. Positive-Quotes-2In the end you might not be having a good day, but there is always something good in the day.


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