Toy Story 4

maxresdefaultIts OFFICIAL! Director John Lasseter returns with Toy Story 4 although it hasn’t been confirmed who is voicing it wouldn’t be the same without Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, along with the whole Toy Story gang. SO i think its safe to say they will be returning to voice our favorite characters! Toy Story 4 will be released in theaters June 15, 2018!UnknownThe movie will be released 23 years after Toy Story (1995), 19 years after toy story 2 (1999),8 years after toy story 3 (2010)maxresdefault-1John Lasseter said that pixar would only make a fourth movie if it was just as good as or better than the previous three movies in the franchise. In this movie it was said that Woody reconnects with his love Bo Beep BUT, it has also been rumored that Bonnie will also be making her way back into this film. I mean it does make sense because they did leave off with Andy passing his toys down to her. Personally i am really excited to see what John Lasseter and his crew are going to do with this movie!


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