Lokai Bracelet

website_photo_8_a3c956ac-9de4-48f5-b95d-4cd17c209580_2048x2048Sometimes in your life you hit a low in your life, the black beed of the bracelet, hold mud from the dead sea which is the lowest part of the earth it represent the lowest and saddest of times. But you have to stay hopeful.

Other times in your life you feel like you are on top of the world. The white beed of the bracelet carries water from Mount Everest the highest part of the earth representing when you feel invincible but its also a reminder to stay humble in life.normal-2The classic bracelet is a reminder to stay humble no matter where i am in life. 12038323_10153288805975753_5596716087452147367_n-300x300The pink Lokai bracelet is for all the men and women who are fighting cancer. I know this bracelet represents breast cancer, in my family we have lost a hand full of family members pass away from different kinds of cancer so i know how hard it is to lose a family member to this disease. This bracelet for me represents my loved ones and how hard they fought and stayed brave.

I really like what Lokai stands for and thought i would share there story along with mine.


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