5 Halloween Puppy Party Games!


This year i decided to have a halloween party, and of course my pups will be involved with the party along with friend and family puppies too! So here are 5 awesome ways to incorporate your furry friend!


  1. Costume Competition

Each pup owner will walk there pup in front of the party, once everyone has gone hand out a piece of paper and everyone will vote the best pup costume is. The winner will get a puppy goody bag!

2. Bobbing For Treats

Just like bobbing for apples get a large bowl fill it up with water and add treats in them (bones, toys whatever you like!). The more pups the more bowls you should have, also if there are any pups that are a little possessive or aggressive this might not be the game for them.

3. Treasure Hunt

Before your guests arrive hide toys and treats all around the house and yard, and you can send the parents and pups off to find the treasures!

4. Trick And Treat

Just like it says Do a trick and you’ll get a treat! Like the costume competition hand out a slip of paper and everyone can vote who did the best trick to get the ultimate puppy bag!

5. Halloween Agility Course

Set up a spooky course in the backyard or somewhere safe with some puppy safe halloween decorations. Use Table, Chairs, sheets and towels to create different obstacles and tunnels. Time the little ones and the pup with the fastest time gets the puppy prize!

Now i know theres a lot of competition so to make sure everyone feels love you can make pup bags filled with some treats and toys if you would like!

I hope you all enjoyed these puppy party games, if you do any of them be sure to send me some pictures!


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