10 Ways Your Pup Loves You

417cb8049dae24dafbe2be8d8eb552e3I bet everyone thinks, that just because your pup wags his tail thats pretty much all he does to show you there love, BUT its not! Here are 10 other ways your pup shows you there love!

  1. Eye Contact

When your pup stares directly into your eyes, they are  “hugging you with their eyes”. So if you guys are playing or cuddling with one another your pup releases the same hormone, Oxytocin that helps new mothers bond with their babies.

2. Yawning

It has been said if your pup yawns when you yawn its a sign that they love you because the pup has bonded with you.

3. Leaning on you

A dog will sometimes lean on a human because he is anxious, take him somewhere else or wants you to do something BUT it can also be a sign of affection. SO even though your pup can lean on you out of nervousness, they are still doing it out of love because in there eyes you are someone they can trust to protect and keep them safe. enhanced-4918-1396292036-2

4. Cuddling Time

Everyone pretty much knows that most pups are motivated by food. Once a pup eats its what he does next is most important. Now if they go to do there business thats fine, BUT if your pup cuddles with you it means you are important in there life and it is indeed puppy love.

5. Facial Expressions

Most of think we can read dogs by there tails. BUT much like Cesar Millan says its all about the body language including the face and eyebrows. The more facial expressions a pup uses the better! A study in japan said when the pup saw their parent the pups immediately lifted their left eyebrows, and with a stranger their was hardly any facial movement with the exception of the right eyebrow moving, same with ear movements moving there left ear they have bonded and have a liking with someone or something, moving there right ear they don’t like something/someone or disapprove.

6. Leaving Calmly

As much as everyone wants to believe that when the pups panic and go nuts its a sign they love you and don’t want you to leave. Although it is true they don’t want you to leave its because the pup has separation anxiety. BUT if your pup goes calmly into there kennel when you leave, its a sign that your pup love, trusts and is very confident that you will come back to them.

7. The Freak Out

You know what I’m talking about, when you open up the door or let them out of there kennel and they are wagging, jumping and going crazy, its a good sign because its the most common and distinctive way a pup shows you true love.

8. Sleep Time

In the dog world this subject is a huge controversy and that is whether or not the pup should sleep in your bed or not and whatever you choose its your own personal choice, BUT it has been said that if your pup attempts to sleep in the bed with you its his way of them showing there loyalty to you because they don’t want to be separated from the pack.

9. Favorite Toy

Many pups have a favorite toy that they go to, if your pup brings you there toy it doesn’t just mean they want to play, even though that is an obvious reason why they do BUT it also means they trust you and think of you as there pack leader.

10. Enjoy the love

Lets be honest pups are like people they can tell whether or not you truly love them or not. So if you don’t truly love them don’t expect them to love you.

You are the sun_Black Pug PuppyDon’t just limit your pups love with a wag of the tail look for other sign they might do, that makes there love for you unique in there own way. Puppy love is probably the truest form of love we can find in this crazy world so enjoy every moment of it.


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