DLP: Top 5 Restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants in DLP that are not in Disneyland or WDW that i would like to try, so here are my Top 5 Restaurants i would like to eat at in 2016 in no particular order!


1. Auberge De Cendrillon

-A three course Cinderella themed restaurant. The dessert is something i really look forward to eating because its Cinderella’s slipper in chocolate form!


2. Bistrot Chez Remy

-I LOVE the movie Ratatouille, so this is definitely a place where i would like to eat because they make it seem like we shrunk down to the size of rats, Which i think is pretty awesome. Although everything might seem a bit cheesy it looks like a pretty awesome place to eat!


3. Pizzaria Bella Notte

-Pizza is definitely one of my favorite foods to eat, plus it features a Lady and The Tramp motif. I mean this has pretty much my life summed up in one restaurant Disney, Dogs and food i think i will be checking out this place!

Disneyland Paris, Marne la VallŽe, France October 29th, 2009 Visit our site Disney Character Central for tons more Disney and Character pictures!

4. Silver Spur Steakhouse

-I LOVE steak and when i saw there was a steakhouse i immediately new it was going to be on my top 5 places to eat, it also has an old fashion decor to it from what i heard and i love the old fashion  feel!


5. Walts- An American Restaurant

-Walts is an every guest invited version of Club 33, so I’ve heard, and like every other Disney fan in hopes of eating in Club 33 i think this is the closest i will get to that dream so i must eat here because this is the closest i will ever get! Plus i heard if you book a window seat around the parade times you get dinner and a show!

I know i won’t be eating at all of these restaurants but i hope to at least eat at one of them while i am over there. They all look super yummy and very well themed, but its gonna be a tough choice to just pick one.


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