Packing A Pup Bag: Disneyland

Its that time again, a Disenyland trip with my pups! This is what we pack for the littles! 

CERTIFICATION OF VACCINATION:  The first ting we do is make sure the pups Certificate Of Vaccination is up to date. This certificate is important espceially if you are going to board them or put them in the Disneyland Kennel Club you need to make sure there Bordetella, DHPP and Rabbies are up to date.



I have my whole system when it comes to packing the food. 3days times 2 pups=6 cups of food than just to be on the safe side i add 2 more cups. 

I also like to pack them there treats which are just the milkbone  bones. This doesnt have a process i just grab two handfulls and toss them in a different bag.


The pups both know how to go outside BUT when they are trained to go on the pee pad, so i use the same equation as the food 3days x 2pups = 6 pads and just incase i add another 4 to get 10 pads because we use one for when they are in the kennel along with the hotel room.


Since they do go in the kennel i bring a blanket from home one for each of them, and the week we are going to leave i make sure to sleep with it in the bed so when i leave them they have my scent with the blankets, i do this because ive read it helps keep them calm and its something familiar they have in a new enviroment  

I like to pack 2 toys. When they were younger they each got a little stuffed bear that my cousin and i gave them and that is the ups all time favorite toy so i make sure to bring the bears and i than pack one small rope toy, because they like ropes.


To be honest i just pack one set for each pup because i dont want to worry if i lose the extra set.


I am the crazy bag lady.. i pack two different bags.


Bag #1 is there rolling kennel. I use this incase its gets too crowded or overwhelming when we walk to Disneyland  or in Downtown Disney and they just need a place of reassurence.


Bag #2 is just a small little bag that holds EVERYTHING so pretty much a puppy suitcase



I pack two pop up water bowls, one for the kennel and walks and the other for the hotel room. It makes it easier because one will always be availablefor them. 

Food bowls i only have one set of pop up bowls one for each pup, because i will always be with them to feed them so the food bowls can stay in the hotel room.


Everyday is dapper day especially in Disneyland. So i make sure to pack all there Disney bows and bow ties.


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