Disney Did You Know: Mary Poppins

I love the movie Mary Poppins and because it will be returning to TV December 12, 2015 I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the movie. 

1. The Sherman brothers, Robert and Richard worked on the music for the film for 2.5 years, unaware the studio did not have the full rights to the book. 

2. In 1961, Travers finally sold the rights to Disney on the condition that she get the script approval rights.


3. Julie Andrews made her big screen debut in the Disney film Mary Poppins.  

4. David Tomlinson (Mr. Banks) also provided the voice of Mary Poppins parrot head umbrella.  

5. At the begining of the film, some of the nannies waiting in the line to apply for the nanny position were actually stuntmen in drag.

6. Mary Poppins is the 3rd Disney film that Matthew Garber (Michael Banks) and Karen Dotrice (Jane Banks) co-starred in. The other two movies are Three Lives Of Thomasina (1963) and The Gnome Mobile (1967)


7. Prior to this movie, Dick Van dyke had never received any type of dance training.  

8. In the film Julie Andrews uses a wig.  

9.After the film became a huge hit, Walt Disney studios mae plans for a sequal but P.L Travers turned them down.

10. At the end of the film, the role for Mr. Dawes Senior first appears as Navckid Keyd which is actually an anagram for Dick Van Dyke. Not only did he have the role of Bert he also played the grumpy old bank president.


Mary Poppins is definitely on my top Disney movie classics, i also really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks and learning the history behind this practically perfect nanny.


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