Puppy Talk

I have had pups my whole life, and ive come across tips that work and that dont work. BUT i am always on the lookout to  best help out my furry friend. So here are some recent discoveries and older discoveries that i use! 
1. If your pup eats fast, try putting a ball in their bowl to help slow them down. This definitely worked on one of my dogs but the other one just sat anad looked at it.

2. A carabiner makes it a quick and easy way to secure your pups leash when you are out in public. I showed this trick to my aunt and uncle and they use it all the time.

3. Doggy CPR. This is very helpful in a scary situation, luckily i have never had to use it on my pups and hopefully you will never have to use it on yours but it is very helpful thing to know just incase.

4. Play fetch down hill. My pup Bambi(RIP) loved playing fetch, he was also very hyper and this worked out very well for us and he loved it.

5. Easily remove pet hair from your carpet by usuing a squeegee. I have never tried this one personally but my aunt has and she says it works.

6. Know your pups language. If you can read your furry friends body language than its easier for you to help them and know what they might do next and you can stop the situation before it even becomes a situation. This goes for other dogs as well. Read other pups body language.  

7. Baking soda and vinager helps get pet urine out of your carpet.

8. Know what harms your pup, this is helpful in so many ways because it can keep your furry friend safe.

9. If your pup hates when you brush their teeth squeeze some dog toothpaste onto a nylabone or a rope toy.

10. If your pup isnt feeling too well, just add some low sodium chicken broth to their drinking water.

     *this helps with puppy dehydration and if they cant keep the food down.

Another fun little suggestion i have done with my pups is make sure i have the vet number in my phone and a 24 hour vet number and address in my phone just to be on the safe side incase anything were to happen.


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