Merry Christmas!

It is blogmas day 25 which means it is the last day of blogmas!

The pups and i wanted to say Merry Christmas we hope you had a very very nice Christmas and holidays! It was a lot of fun doing this and i hope you enjoyed the 25 days of straight blogging!

Once again Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! What are some of your favorite holiday memories? Mine would have to be spending time with my family and my pups! Every year we play games and this year was dance moves charades it was really funny. My pups got a ton of cute and adorable  outfits and spending time with them always makes me happy!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Puppy Christmas Eve! 

Welcome back guys to the second to last day of blogmas it is day 24 and Christmas Eve!!! Since my intermediate family and I open presents on Christmas Eve so I thought it would be fun to share what the pups got!!!

Since its been pretty chilly in the city I thought it was only necessary to buy them some warm winter attire and why not make it stylish right?

I have been looking for a harness for my littles ones for about three years, BUT my parents came across this one and even though it’s a smidget too big on them, I can easily fix it to make it a perfect fit! So far this is the BEST harness that is quite comfortable and doesn’t bug them!…so far!

What are some things you bought for your furry friend?? Be sure to leave it in the comments below!


Disney Cup Collections

Welcome back to blogmas day 23!! With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share my little Disney cup, mug, sippy collection! So let’s get started!!!! 

Here are 37 cups, mugs, and sippys!!! Now I started off with just one and it grew to another and another and bayum 36 more cups later! A big shout out to my Aunty Rosie who recently added to my collection which is awesome! I have some from Disneyland, Disney World and a collectible from Burger King. 

These are my favorite cups, I use these on a daily basis…it’s pretty bad considering I have so many to choose from but for three of the mugs I use them because they are so big, and can fit more tea! 

But my al time favorite sipper is BB-8! I recently got this at the parks and I don’t use it BUT it’s the GREATEST thing ever invented!! He is such a cute little droid! 

What is your all time favorite Disney cup that you own? Let me know in the comments below!!! 


Harness vs. Collars

Blogmas day 22!

What makes a harness better than a collar, or a collar better than a harness? 

Personally I think it depends on your dog, my little girl is actually very sensitive to harness and prefers collars but my little man prefers harnesses over collars. Obviously I’m not a dog expert but here are some pros and cons to both! 



These days I see a lot of puppies with harnesses they look very comfy and fashionable. If your pup pulls or has breathing problems a harness is recommended. It is also recommended for the smaller breeds and breads with shorter muzzles to wear a harness because a collar could be damaging to their necks. A harness is also better for your pup if they pull a lot or have breathing problems already. 

There are many different types and style of harness, you have ones that clip in the back or ones that clip in the front. For bigger breeds it is recommended to get the front attachment harness. The smaller breeds the back attaching harness is recomended because the front attaching harness can be painful and damaging. 


Collars are more of a traditional route for pups. A collar isn’t recommended for dogs that pull, lunge, have breathing problems, training or if they are at risk of their tracheal collapsing. 

There are a couple different collars you can buy, regular collars, martinage and more, but one called a martingale(slipper collar) which is typically used for greyhounds, whippets and afghan hounds because of their build. 

I know when I first got my littles I didn’t know what one to use and they both had harnesses than collars and one each, for their own comfort. Is a whole trial and error process when it comes to pups because each one is different. What do you use for your pups? Let me know in the comments below! 


On This Day: The Three Caballeros

Blogmas day 21!

December 21, 1944 Los Tres Caballeros premiered in Mexico City! 

The film follows Donald Duck and two of his pals Jose Carioca representing Portuguese and Panchito Pistoles representing Mexico in there journey through Latin America! 

The Three Caballeros was Disneys first attempt at combining live action and animation. Surprising enough it was nominated for two academy awards. 

The movie was released in the United States on February 3, 1945, it was the seventh animated movie in the Disney animated features canon. 

This is easily one of my favorites I love all the music and the crazy adventures or troubles they get themselves into!! 


Christmas Outfits

Blogmas day 20, 

I don’t know about any of you BUT I am totally obsessed with dressing my pups up. It won’t be dresses and things all the time those are for special occasions. But sweaters, jackets and bows are an everyday necessity, so why would Christmas be any different?

This year I bought the pups matching pj’s, The pj’s are exactly the same not purposely but by accident i think they are so warm and cozy looking and definitely cuddle material. This will be worn Christmas Eve to Christmas morning after the Disneyland Christmas Parade.

Since we have a family dinner, gift exchanges and our annual family games the pups have to look there best!!! So I bought them these really cozy warm and fuzzy plaid sweaters with a hoodie. Tarzan got grey and the princess has red. Princess Belle definitely needed a bow for the cherry on top. 

The ugly sweater is a competition we play where we wear them for an hour and vote on who’s the ugliest sweater trophie goes too, so why not get the pups involved it’s the cutest thing ever! 

Do tou have a special holiday outfit like my pups? Let me know in the comments below! 


Disney Did You Know?!

Blogmas day 19 and I thought it would be fun to do a Disney did you know on Dumbo! So here are 5 fun facts! 

1. Dumbo is the only lead character in a Disney film not to speak.

2. Water colors were used to create the backgrounds for the movie.

3. Dumbo won the Best Animation design award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947. It also won the best original music score at the 1941 academy awards.

4. You can find a stuffed dumbo in the film The Great Mouse Detective

5. Dumbo wa star 4th animated movie created by the Walt Disney Production.


Snuggle Time 

Welcome to blogmas day 18

Have you ever been snuggling with your pups and realized you needed to do something, but you don’t want to get up because your pups are just too cute you can’t disterb them?? That’s me all the time…

I love snuggling with my littles I think it’s the best time of my day and I hate when I have to get up and go to the bathroom or get some water because it disrupts our snuggles…I know I can’t be the only one who does this so let me know in the comments below is it just a me thing or is it you know you are a dog owner thing! 


Disney Did You Know!?

It is blogmas day 17,

Did you know that you can find Goofy, Donald and Mickey Mouse in the beginning of The Little Mermaid, you can spot them briefly as King Triton rides by.

If you look really really close you may also be able to spot Kermit The Frog! So next time you watch the movie be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


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