The Wonderful World Of Disney

The Wonderful World Of Disney will be making a magical return to ABC for the first time in 3 years on December 12 at 8pm! 


Dick Van Dyke will host a screening of the 1964 Disney Classic Mary Poppins! Hell take Disney fans on a backstage tour of the Disney archives and share some family friendly Disney magic!

 After the 50th anniversary special of Charlie Brown (December 10 at 8pm) they will be a screening Toy Story in preparation for the 20th anniversary special. Sunday, December 13, at 8pm will be a special called Behind The Magic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

The magical tradition dates back to 1954 when Walt Disney announced his plans for Disneyland on air. It was originally a fully produced weekly broadcast, that changed to screenings of Disney films, with special guest hosts to share backstage secrets during commercial breaks but recently it reduced down to a less consistent broadcast, the last time it aired was in 2012 which was hosted by Larry the Cable Guy, when Cars Land opened up in DCA.

I am very excited because I love seeing Disney Classics on TV for me it makes it more magical! I also think Dick Van Dyke will be an awesome host, i cannot think of anyone better! Will you be tuning in?


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