Christmas Favorites

Day 5 on the countdown and today i thought it would be fun to share my favorite Christmassy things at Disneyland! So here they are in no particular order!

1. Haunted Mansion Holiday

    -In Disneyland for Halloween and Christmas our Haunted Mansion is taken over by Jack Skelington and his gang from The Nightmare Before Christmas BUT for Christmas he would like to wish everyone a Scary Christmas and they count down the days with a creepy but amazing gingerbread house. Its one of my FAVORITE times to visit this ride.

 2. Bell Ringers & Tree Lightings

    – I love listening to the Bell Ringers, they are truely put me in the holiday spirit, i alos really enjoy watching them sing while the tree lighting  ceremony is going on, it is truely magical.  

3. Its A Small World

    -Normally i dont go on Its A Small World unless i am with my nana, BUT i love all the lights and decorations that it brings during the season.

4.  Olafs Snow Fest

     -I really enjoy Frozen, i think it is a cute movie BUT OMG qhwn i entered Olafs Snow Fest i was truely amazed on how well they themed it out, i mean i should have guessed it would have been awesome because its Disney BUT it truely took my breathe away. Even if you dont like or ocare for the move you should give it a shot its really a magical experience.

5. Viva Navidad

     -Viva Navidad has to hands down be one of things i completely look forward too during Christmas. Its acelebration of the Latino culture and holiday traditions, which i am completely fascinated with. THey have awesome food, musica and dancing and my all time favorite character, Jose, Panchito and Donald also known as Los Tres Caballeros 

This is what i look foward to when i go to the parks during Christmas, it is definitely a must do for me or my trip is not complete. What are some Disney things you like doing during the holidy season?


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