A Puppy Christmas: Tips

It’s Day 8 and I thought it would be fun share three safety tips for the holiday season! 

1. Christmas Tress

If you get a real Christmas tree and have a little furry friend around be sure to sweep up those pine needles because they can give your little one an upset tummy. 

2. Safe Zone 

Sometimes when you have a party it can get a little overwhelming for the pups so make sure they have a designated spot that they can go to, to chill out for a bit and everyone knows not to bug them when they are there. Make sure it’s easy access to go in and out of. 

3. Cover The Water

If you have a real tree, try and make sure you cover the water where your tree is coming out of incase a sneaky little pup decides to try and drink it. Try to stay away from adding anything into the trees water because it can be toxic. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed these three tips for your pup! This is definitely something that i personally do in my own home around Christmas time. If you have any questions on what I mean by a safety zone be sure to leave it in the comment below, or if you have a safety zone for your pup what does it look like?! 


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