The Daily Brush

It is day 14 of blogmas and i thought it would be fun to talk about The Daily Brush.

As you can probably tell from the title i brush my dogs daily and when it comes to brushing its a daily thing that i do twice a day, Once in the morning and once at night. Depending on how rough the pups play is how many tangles they will have.

I spend about 5 minutes on each pup brushing them out, making sure there are no more tangles, and what makes it easier is my pups actually enjoy getting their hair brushed so they lay there until i am done.

This is something that works for me and my pups and I’m not saying you have to do this, again it works very well for my pups and I in keeping the matts away. If anyone was wondering I use a Chris Christiansen butter comb. It is on the more pricey side but it lasted 15 1/2 years with my moms dog and so far 3 years with my dogs and it still looks brand new. 


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