runDisney: Dark Side v Light Side

welcome back to blogmas day 15

This is for all my fellow Disney runners, you know about the up coming Star wars run January 2016 in Disneyland. This will be the second year of this run. I was lucky enough to run the inaugural Rebel Challenge, which is a 10k and a half marathon in the same weekend to receive a total of 3 medals.

Earlier this year Disney announced that WDW will have their inaugural Star Wars run, they will also have a challenge called the Dark Side Challenge again consisting of the 10k and the half marathon which will allow you to get 3 medals. Of course if you do two half marathons in the same year one in Disneyland and one in WDW you will be eligible to receive a blue C2C medal.

My theory is that there will be more competition between the parks, not only what park is better BUT now in the runDisney world. I have a feeling that runDisney is going to make these run have there own challenge like Princess and Tink have the pink C2C medal. So you have to do the Princess half and the Tink half to receive the pink C2C. I honestly think it would be a very smart move on Disney’s part and i would love to see what the C2C medal would be like for the Star Wars run. Dark Side v Light Side Challenge i think i could handle it!


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