Harness vs. Collars

Blogmas day 22!

What makes a harness better than a collar, or a collar better than a harness? 

Personally I think it depends on your dog, my little girl is actually very sensitive to harness and prefers collars but my little man prefers harnesses over collars. Obviously I’m not a dog expert but here are some pros and cons to both! 



These days I see a lot of puppies with harnesses they look very comfy and fashionable. If your pup pulls or has breathing problems a harness is recommended. It is also recommended for the smaller breeds and breads with shorter muzzles to wear a harness because a collar could be damaging to their necks. A harness is also better for your pup if they pull a lot or have breathing problems already. 

There are many different types and style of harness, you have ones that clip in the back or ones that clip in the front. For bigger breeds it is recommended to get the front attachment harness. The smaller breeds the back attaching harness is recomended because the front attaching harness can be painful and damaging. 


Collars are more of a traditional route for pups. A collar isn’t recommended for dogs that pull, lunge, have breathing problems, training or if they are at risk of their tracheal collapsing. 

There are a couple different collars you can buy, regular collars, martinage and more, but one called a martingale(slipper collar) which is typically used for greyhounds, whippets and afghan hounds because of their build. 

I know when I first got my littles I didn’t know what one to use and they both had harnesses than collars and one each, for their own comfort. Is a whole trial and error process when it comes to pups because each one is different. What do you use for your pups? Let me know in the comments below! 


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