On This Day: Sleeping Beauty

On this day in Disney history January 29, 1959 came a classic Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. One of the most interesting facts about this Disney films is Princess Aurora also known as Briar Rose the movies main character has 18 lines of actual dialogue throughout the movie, the first line is said in the first 19 minutes of the movie, while the last is when she finds out about her betrothal 39 minutes in.



Sleeping Beauty has my all time FAVORITE disney villain of all time…MALEFICENT who is voiced by the amazing Eleanor Audley who you may also know her from the Disney classic Cinderella, she voiced Cinderella’s evil step mother Lady Tramaine, Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and if you have ever ridden The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and Walt Disney World you can hear her as Madam Leota.


You can spot a hidden Mickey or two when the fairies discuss how they can help the king and queen Fauna makes cookies in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

For this film Walt was constantly worried about it being compared to Snow White and Cinderella, which is one of the reasons why he worked with Earle because he wanted to do something different more stylized and angular shaped look for the movie to help it differ from the other films. Because of this it took them 6 years and $6 million to make Sleeping Beauty.


The film was the last Disney cartoon to feature to use hand inked cels.

Happy Birthday Sleeping Beauty!



Brian Bedford


Many of us know Brian Bedford as the voice of Robin Hood, he has battled cancer for over 2 years and has passed away Wednesday Jan 13, 2016 at the age of 80.


Brian acted and directed for 29 season at the famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival. He appeared in 18 broadway productions and has won a Tony award in 1971 Molieres The School Of Wives.


Here are 5 facts about Brian Bedford.

  1. He was married to Tim MacDonald from July 2013-Jan 13, 2016
  2. in 1972 Bedford was awarded the Joseph Jefferson award for his performance in “The Tavern” at the Academy Festival Theater in Chicago
  3. In 2001 he was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson award for his part in “The School of Scandal”at the Chicago Shakespearian Theater
  4. 2004 he was nominated for another Joseph Jefferson award for his role in “The Moliere Comedies” at the Chicago Shakespearian Theater
  5. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England


Here are a couple of facts about the classic Disney Movie Robin Hood, because without Brian Robin Hood wouldn’t be the same.


  1. The movie was the first animated feature to be produced almost completely without Walt Disney’s involvement after his passing. The movies success was going to be treated as foreshadowing of whether or not the studio could carry on Walts magic.
  2. despite all the mixed reviews when the movie came out, Robin Hood ended up doing very well at the box office taking in $9.5 million, at the time it was Dinsey’s biggest box office total to date.Disney-Movie-Reused-Scene-Robin-Hood-Jungle-Book.jpg
  3. Robin Hood uses a lot of recycled animation, some which are from the Jungle Book, The Aristocats, Snow White and other previous Disney Films

CYpLmatU0AIIDI7.jpgBrian Bedford will always hold a special place in my heart, not only because he voiced Robin Hood but for his amazing shakespearian voice and talent. RIP Brian Bedford. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Brian Bedford February 16, 1935- January 13, 2016.



Emotional Disney Day

On this day came a lot of goodbyes and see ya laters.


Jan 10 is the day we said goodbye for good to Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, The goats and other animals in BTR, and Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular had their last performance today at 6:20pm. Also the last showing of the Osbourne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights had its last performance Jan 6 over in Hollywood Studios in WDW.

images-1.jpegIts also where we say see ya later to The Disneyland Railroad, Fantasmic, Rivers Of America, Davey Crockett Canoes, Tom Saywer Island, Mark Twain River Boat, and Sailing Ship Columbia in preparation for Star Wars Land.

11-17-14-DSC_1658.jpgAlso Autopia, Jungle Cruise, Its A Small World, Haunted Mansion which will be closing Jan 25 to remove all the decorations. Although it is a sad sad day at least for me there are so many magical attractions and shows coming our way. It is going to be a rough time period in the Disneyland Park but its also going to have some great turn outs in the end.

Once again a HUGE thank you to the awesome cast and crew in Aladdin, that was definitely my must see show every time i went and each time i saw a performance it always made my trip extra magical.





Disneyland 60th



In celebration of Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Celebration, ABC will have a magical TV special The Wonderful World Of Disney: Disneyland 60th on Sunday February 21, 2016 at 8:00pm (EST).


For the most magical night it will take place at Dolby Theater in Hollywood and of course it will show some iconic places in the parks such as Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street USA, Cars Land and more! It will also feature the nighttime parade ‘Paint The Night’ and World Of Color- Celebrate! The Wonderful World Of Walt Disney!

I am really excited and of course my DVR is going to be set and ready to record!


Chapter 2015,Page 365 of 365


Happy New Year!!!!

I leave 2015 with a ton of memories and new friends. Although i have lost people in my life, i have also gained a lot.


Some of my favorite 2015 memories in Disneyland were attending the 24 hour Diamond celebration in Disneyland, running a 10k with my mom, a half marathon with my mom and of course Seasons of The Force. I loved the new walking adventures i had with my pups and meeting new puppy friends. Thankfully my pups were in great health over the year, i hope its like this again in 2016.


I am very thankful for my adventure in 2015 but i can’t wait to see all my new adventures 2016 holds for me.


10599144_10201818747150708_4020273384490736125_n.jpgRemember “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever” WD. May you and your furry friends have a great and positive 2016!

Happy New Year!

-Dezi & The City Pups



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