Emotional Disney Day

On this day came a lot of goodbyes and see ya laters.


Jan 10 is the day we said goodbye for good to Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, The goats and other animals in BTR, and Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular had their last performance today at 6:20pm. Also the last showing of the Osbourne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights had its last performance Jan 6 over in Hollywood Studios in WDW.

images-1.jpegIts also where we say see ya later to The Disneyland Railroad, Fantasmic, Rivers Of America, Davey Crockett Canoes, Tom Saywer Island, Mark Twain River Boat, and Sailing Ship Columbia in preparation for Star Wars Land.

11-17-14-DSC_1658.jpgAlso Autopia, Jungle Cruise, Its A Small World, Haunted Mansion which will be closing Jan 25 to remove all the decorations. Although it is a sad sad day at least for me there are so many magical attractions and shows coming our way. It is going to be a rough time period in the Disneyland Park but its also going to have some great turn outs in the end.

Once again a HUGE thank you to the awesome cast and crew in Aladdin, that was definitely my must see show every time i went and each time i saw a performance it always made my trip extra magical.





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