On This Day: Sleeping Beauty

On this day in Disney history January 29, 1959 came a classic Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. One of the most interesting facts about this Disney films is Princess Aurora also known as Briar Rose the movies main character has 18 lines of actual dialogue throughout the movie, the first line is said in the first 19 minutes of the movie, while the last is when she finds out about her betrothal 39 minutes in.



Sleeping Beauty has my all time FAVORITE disney villain of all time…MALEFICENT who is voiced by the amazing Eleanor Audley who you may also know her from the Disney classic Cinderella, she voiced Cinderella’s evil step mother Lady Tramaine, Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and if you have ever ridden The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and Walt Disney World you can hear her as Madam Leota.


You can spot a hidden Mickey or two when the fairies discuss how they can help the king and queen Fauna makes cookies in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

For this film Walt was constantly worried about it being compared to Snow White and Cinderella, which is one of the reasons why he worked with Earle because he wanted to do something different more stylized and angular shaped look for the movie to help it differ from the other films. Because of this it took them 6 years and $6 million to make Sleeping Beauty.


The film was the last Disney cartoon to feature to use hand inked cels.

Happy Birthday Sleeping Beauty!



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