Disneyland Gangs


The Disneyland Gangs, also know as the Punks of Disneyland are no more than Disneyland Social Clubs which are made up with Disney super fans. Which in my opinion is really cool, i would love to hang around Disney nerds like me and just talk Disney and hang out in the park! Now tell me that is not the happiest club around!!

images.jpegI know you guys are probably wondering if i made this up, BUT i didn’t. Some of the Disneyland social clubs are Mickeys Pink Ladies, Neverlanders, Sons Of Anakin, Pix Pac, Hitchhikers and Main St. Elite, now these are only a handful of club names out of maybe 90+ groups. Now, majority of the public think Disneyland is over crowded, too expensive or cheesy BUT to Disneyland social clubs and myself, i honestly think that it is the happiest place on earth!


Walt built Disneyland for family to come together and relive there childhood memories, to be free to be a kid again. So these so called “gangs” of Disneyland walk around with there jackets, and patches and it might not be the “normal” look BUT they are living their life on how Walt dreamt of the park to be, being a kid again. So why are you judging a book by its cover? Well thats just because society makes you believe that a certain look acts a certain way, so before judging them and calling them gangs and assuming they are bad people, take a step back and maybe ask them for a fun fact about Disneyland I’m sure they would love that instead of being negatively judged all the time.


The social groups all have conducts and like to follow the Disney rules because they think of Disneyland as there second home. But there are some copy cat social clubs who dont like to follow the rules and give the clubs a bad name to the clubs that truly love Disney. All these clubs really focus on is having the best time that they can when they go to parks. Ive also heard that a lot of these social clubs like to take part in Disneyland’s charity.


Honestly what i see are a group of people with the same interest, becoming  one because of their love for Disney. As you might be able to tell these Disneyland “Gangs” are just Disney fans showing their Disney side.How many of you knew about these social clubs?


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