Luigi’s cousins will FINALLY be arriving in Disney California Adventure on March 7, 2016!!


Luigi has invited some of his cousins to take guests on a dancing adventure! He turned the tire storage yard behind Casa Della Tires into a dance floor, where they will be performing tradition dances of their hometown village.maxresdefault.jpg

Each cousin has a signature dance move and 5 different Italian songs making each ride unique and different each time. Another thing that makes this ride pretty cool is it will be a trackless system, which makes it the first Disney attraction in the U.S with this feature!



A lot of people are doubting this ride and think its going to flop just like Luigi’s Flying Tires BUT i have faith that Luigi’s Rockin’ Roadsters will blow my mind just like Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, and I’m kind of looking forward to riding it.