Seasonal Pricing

It was announced over the weekend that Disney is switching to the Seasonal Pricing System which will begin with Disneyland and WDW. Seasonal Pricing will only be for the 1day tickets, BUT if you look closely Disney did raise the multi day ticket prices, but the season pricing system will NOT apply to multi day and season passes and be the same as before..

Seasonal pricing will create 3 season, Value, Regular and Peek.





Value- $95(you will pay $4 less)

Regular- $105

Peek-$119 (you will pay $20 more)

Walt Disney World:


Magic Kingdom/ Epcot,Hollywood Studios & $ Animal Kingdom

Value: $105/$97

Regular: $110/$102

Peek: $124/$114

Disney is using this system in hopes that they can spread out the crowds through the year and kind of deter people from going to the parks on the peek days. I’m curious how is everyone feeling about this?


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