It’s been a while since I talked about my favorite fur babies, and thought it would be fun to do an update on them.

First things first they got new leashes and not any leashes….DISNEY, leashes because I LOVE DISNEY!!! 

   Belle: Villain and Princess leash which is perfect for her. 

   Tarzan: Steamboat Willie which suits him very well.

I am hoping to start a Disney leash collection for them because why not? I think it would be fun.   

Tarzan just turned 4years old on Frb. 25, which is so exciting we through him and my mom a little birthday party which was nice. Belle will be joining Tarzan as a 4yr old in 4 months and I can’t wait because I’m so used to saying they both are the same age. 

The last update is the pups have learned a new trick! They know how to weave in and out of my legs as I walk, they don’t have it down 100% yet but I would say they have it about 90-95%! So I’m really proud of them for getting it so quickly and I think it’s one of the coolest tricks they know.