Mental Stimulation.


Here are 5 signs that your pup needs mental stimulation!


  1. Cant Relax/Settle

Have you ever noticed that even after a run or a walk your pup still has all this energy? Its because the brain needs some mental exercises as well. So when you hear whining, see pacing or even getting up and down a lot mean they needs something to stimulate their brain, so they can relax and settle down.

2. Destroys Things

If you notice your little one still shredding, biting, ripping or just destroying anything they can get their paws on, you might want to do some “puzzle” exercises. Try hiding a treat under three cups and having your pup find it, or just hiding them around the house, this will help stimulate their little brain and stop their destroying.

3. Tail Chaser

If you notice your pup chasing their tail, try and teach them how to play soccer, get the ball or object into the net, this will help stimulate their puppy brains which will calm them down. (Unless they have a medical issue.)

4. The Barker

Like the Dog Whisperer says, give your dog a job. This will help them with the uncontrollable barking habits they have. Say someone knocks at the door (or rings the doorbell) have them find a spot to lay, to help relax those little brains of theirs. They will start associating the door with that place and it’ll help keep them calm.

5. The Digger

If you are tired of finding unwanted holes in your yard, give your pups a task to do, this is usually a sign of boredom. So you have a couple of options hide treats/toys around the yard, or buy a sandbox and hide special toys in their so they can dig. My favorite is a dog agility, something they can play around with that’ll help work out that mental stimulation.


Some of the things i do to keep my pups mental stimulation going, is teaching them a new trick, playing games with them, or making my own puppy agility. They have a blast and its some great bonding time for us.


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