I get asked about Nutri Cal a lot, especially on trips or in the vets. So i will explain what it is, when i use it and and how i heard about it.



A gel that supplies your pet with extra calories when they need it. Its made up of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats along with many essential vitamins and minerals. Its used for stressed or debilitated dogs, illness, surgery or whelping, aging animals or picky eaters.



I make sure i am always in stock with this stuff. I like to use it when we go to the vets, especially when they have to get their shots, when we go on long road trips, or when we go on long walks and hikes(4+ miles). I make sure their sugar stays up. Plus they really do enjoy it when they get it.



The breeder i got my pups from suggested it to me, than i talked to my vet and they said it was great for the dogs in the situations i used above. I honestly did a lot of research with it before i got my pups as well.

You can find these pretty much everywhere, Amazon, your vet, pet stores.I hope this helps because i do have it on hand all the time even though i dont give it to them everyday, and my pups are never in stressful situations BUT  like i said it helps to have it on hand just incase. Let me know if you have used it or have ever heard of Nutri Cal, because not many people have.


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