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Today Disney released their inaugural virtual runDisney event called Virtual Running Shorts! It consists of all 5k(3.1miles) races with 4 different events to chose from, each event has different medals, a virtual bib and different dates!


Just like all the other runDisney event, its a great way to get family and friends involved and for a good cause. Whether you walk, jog, run, inside or outside its a great way to get moving for the summer and to test out the running course incase you wanted to an event on Disney property.


SHORTS SERIES(9.3miles):

Date- May 15-June 30, 2016

Registration- April 28- May 31, 2016

Costs- $142.00

Medals- Yellow Shoe, Red Pants & White Glove

*you will also receive a tumbler


YELLOW SHOE(3.1miles):

Dates- May 15-June 1, 2016

Registration- April 28- May 31, 2016

Cost- $39.00

Medal- Yellow Shoe


RED PANTS(3.1miles):

Dates- June 5-June 18, 2016

Registration- April 28- June 17, 2016

Cost- $39.00

Medal- Red Pants


WHITE GLOVE(3.1miles):

Dates- June 19-June 30, 2016

Registration- April 28- June 29, 2016

Cost- $39.00

Medal- White Glove

It may seem like a lot of money BUT it will be benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Participants will have to be 5 years old or older by 05/15/2016 and runners will not be required to show proof of time. You also have from the start date to the end date to finish the 5k (3.1 miles), so don’t be discourage by the number.82fd379751908cee49b5d63c44efc38f.jpgI am so excited about this event, i will be participating with my mom. We are both currently training for our upcoming runDisney event in Paris and what better way to train while receiving medals while you train. So is anyone else joining me in this virtual adventure? Let me know in the comments below, follow and share the virtual journey! Remember every mile is magic!



Live Action Disney Movies

Disney has recently announced some of their upcoming live action films, BUT Disney has now confirmed the development of 9!


  1. Cruella

The evil villain from 101 Dalmatians Cruella De Vil will be have her own live-action movie called Cruella. It has been rumored that Emma Stone is in the talks to star in the movie.

At 27 years old Stone would be much younger than the 1996 animated villain BUT i think she could totally rock the part. Work began on the live-action last year with screenwriter Kelly Marcel who was hired to pen the script. Disney is hoping to attar filming the story later this year.


2. Jungle Cruise

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to star in the live-action film based on one of Disney’s popular attractions Jungle Cruise. John Requa and Glenn Ficarra will be penning the script. Unfortunately a director is currently not attached to the project.

The ride which has been at Disneyland park in Anaheim since its opening in 1955 takes guests on a a boat ride through the jungle lead by a Skipper. At D23 Expo Dwayne appeared during Disney’s animation presentation to talk about his role in the 2016 Disney film Moana, BUT the actor spoke about how excited he was excited about his two Mouse House projects.


3. Dumbo

This one i feel is going to be pretty awesome, a live-action Dumbo directed by none other than the AMAZING Tim Burton! Tim Burton is teaming up with writer Ehren Kruger where they will make a new generation of fans believe an elephant can fly.

Sean Bailey said that Dumbo  doesn’t have a release date yet but its been said that the film will be a combination of CGI and live-action actors. The project seems to be more on the complicated side BUT i have a lot of faith in Tim Burton and of course Ehren Kruger to take us to a circus where elephants fly.


4. Marry Poppins

A sequel to the 1964 Disney classic starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, has some two new stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda which will be directed by Rob Marshell.

Lin-Manuel Miranda will play Jack a lamplighter resembling the character Burt. He is also expected to develop new songs for the Marry Poppins sequel. Lin-Manuel penned Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Cantina music along with J.J. Abrams and we have also learned  he was writing the music for Disney Animation’s upcoming Musical Moana.

Emily Blunt is also in talks to star as Mary Poppins herself. Rob Marshall, has set the story  20 years after the Disney classic.


5. Maleficent 2

Although i haven’t seen much news about this it has been said that Angelina Jolie is set to return as the mistress of evil herself Maleficent, while Lina Wolverton will be the writer.


6. The Jungle Book 2

Director Jon Favreau and writer Justin Marks will be returning with the second movie. Many of the cast including young Neel Sethi who is the only actor physically appearing in the movie will be returning. The movie sounds like it will have the same story line as the Disney Animated movie Jungle Book 2 which came out in 2003 none the less i know Disney will make the movie just as amazing and live up to the expectations.


7. A Tinker Bell

Starring Reese Witherspoon is set to play none other than the sassy fairy Tinker Bell in the live-action film. Victoria Spouse is writing the script, while there are no details for the film we can definitely count on some new adventures and possibly a different side to the famous character.


8. A Wrinkle in Time

The classic novel is getting Disneyfied, and Disney has brought in director Ava Duvernay are signed up to of course direct the film.


9. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This live action film will be directed by Lasse Hallstorm and Ashleigh Powell as the writer.

Disney has released that three fairytales will be coming out July 28, 2017, April 6, 2018 and December 20, 2019 while the two non fairytales have August 3, 2018 and December 25, 2018…and i bet you can figure out which date goes with which movie!


On This Day: Animal Kingdom

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!!

Earth Day! April 22, 1998 Anima Kingdom was born! In celebration of the parks opening here are some fun facts!


1. Tree Of Life

At 145Ft tall, 160Ft wide and topped with more than 102,583 transparent leaves in five different shades of green, there are more than 300 carvings on the Tree Of Life. More than 10 artists and three imagineers working full-time for 18 months.

2. Zebra Free

In 2012 Zebras were introduced to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, but four months later were removed. It was rumored that the Zebras were to aggressive to keep around the safari, BUT there was never an official statement from Disney.

3. Most Endangered Species

Since the park opening in 1998, there have been 8 endangered white rhinos born at AK.

4. Birds

Some of the park birds are given fake eggs to sit on which makes older birds thinks they don’t need to repopulate while it shows the younger birds where they should lay there eggs.


5. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is the most expensive roller coster ever made with the cost of more than $100,000,000. At 199.5 ft tall it is just shy of having a red light beacon on top.

6. Kilimanjaro Safari

The Savannah is more than 110 acres making the ride bigger than the whole Magic Kingdom Park.

7. Animals Come First

There are NO plastic straws, cup lids or  balloons at this park for the animals safety.

8. Pre-Frozen

Before the Frozen hits Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote the songs for Finding Nemo: The Musical which can be found at Animal Kingdom.


9. The Festival of The Lion King

This amazing triple threat show first opened at Camp Mickey April 22, 1998 but closed down January 5, 2014 to relocate in Africa June 1, 2014.

10. Staff

There are more than 4,500 Cast Members that work at AK, manning attractions, looking after the animals, working int he restaurants and of course working behind the scenes.


Feeding over 1,000+ animals that live at the park requires about 4tons of food per day.

12. The Discovery River

Contains more than 27 million gallons of water which would be equivalent to about 1,800 swimming pools.

13. Landscaping

to create the surrounding to Mt. Everest there are more than 900 bamboo plants,110 species of shrubs and 10 species of tress that were planted.

14.The Forbidden Mountain

5,000 tons of structural steel 2,000 gallons of stain and paint, 3,000 pre-fabricated steel “chips” and 10,000 tons of concrete was needed to create the mountain.

I hope you enjoyed the fun facts! My favorite part about animal kingdom would have to be The Festival of the Lion King, is such an AMAZING and breathe taking show that i hope they never get rid of!



Puppy & Me

The pups and I have been doing some puppy & me time. Now obviously I spend a lot of time with my littles, they are always with me, but I did some research to get me a bit more active along with the pups.

We do a series of a 5 minute workout which has three different levels, Hard, Harder and Hardest, BUT the main part is to work up a sweat while having fun with your furry friend.



  • Create two targets about 15-25 ft away from each other walk, run, or sprint to the targets.
  • 45 seconds in total (15 seconds at hard, 15 seconds at harder and 15 seconds at hardest) 10 second break between sets.
  • Your pups should be on either your left or right side of you at all times.


Walk back and forth to each target.


Jog back and forth between the targets. 


Sprint back and forth to each target.



  • Perform side shuffles between the two targets.
  • 45 seconds in total (15 seconds at hard, 15 seconds at harder and 15 seconds at hardest) 10 second break between sets.
  • Keep your pup in front of you the whole time and have them sit every time you make it to a target. 


Shuffle back and forth hitting each target.


Shuffle back and forth between targets, once you have reached a target touch it with your hand before shuffling to the next target.


Shuffle back and forth between targets but instead of touching each target jump and bring your knees to your chest.



  • Bend your knees  keeping your knees parallel with your toes, pushing your hips out, your back straight and tighten your core.
  • 45 seconds in total (15 seconds at hard, 15 seconds at harder and 15 seconds at hardest) 10 second break between sets.
  • Have your pup sit in front of you so every time you hit your squat give your pup a high five.


Squat focusing on your form and engaging your core.


Squat and as you come up add a heal raise bringing your heal all the way off the ground..


Squat but this time jump up.

Day 1 workout complete. This isn’t the only activity the pups and i do, we like to go on long walks, hike and run a mile or two but i really wanted to work on strengthening my care and what better way to do it with your pups.

I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what activities you like to do with your furry friend? Will you be trying out 5 minute workout? be sure to let me know in the comments below!




On This Day: Disneyland Paris

From Euro Disney to Disneyland Paris. On April 12, 1992 Disney Magic came to Europe with the opening of Euro Disney. 

1994 they officially changed their name from Euro Disney to Disneyland Paris

1995 space mountain-from earth to space opens up, it’s name now Spade Mountain-Mission 2

1997 a festival celebration started to celebrate Disneyland Paris 5th anniversary

2001 Disneyland Paris hits the 100 million mark of park guests  

2002 Walt Disney Studios Park opens

2006 inspred by the Disney-Pixar film toy story 2 Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blasters opens

2007 Toon Studios opens with a chance to explore the art of Disney Animation

2011 the park hits a record breaking quarter of a billion guests

2012 Disneyland Paris celebrates their 20th anniversary with a new nighttime show and parade

2016 Disneyland Paris will hold its first ever runDisney event September 23-25, 2016

Disneyland Paris is such s magical place and like the other Disney Parks it’s unique and magical in its own way.


On This Day: Winnie The Pooh

On this day,


April 11, 2006 Winnie The Pooh celebrated his 80th birthday by receiving a star on the walk of fame in California.

Pools one of the few animated characters to have the honor of a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, including  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White.


Walt Disney Home Entertainment also released Pooh’s Grand Adventure- The Search for Christopher Robin for the first time EVER on this day


This lovable ball of fluff first appeared in his first collection of books in 1926 created by an English Author A. A. Milne, followed by The House of Pooh’s Corner in 1928.

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh attraction can be found in four different Disney Resorts such as:



Walt Disney World

June 4, 199  which replaced Mr. Toads Wild Ride in Magic Kingdom



April 11, 2003 which replace The Country Bear Jamboree in Critter Country


Hong Kong Disneyland

Opened September 12, 2005 in Fantasyland

Shanghai Disneyland

Opens June 16 2016 in Fantasyland

On This Day: Estelle Harris

Happy Birthday Estelle Harris!


Estelle Harris is well known for the voice of Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story2, 3 and soon to be 4 and today April 4, 1928 this lovely lady was born.


She has done so many awesome voice overs and appearances in Disney shows such as Aladdin 1995 (TV Series), Timon & Pumbaa 1995(TV Series Timon’s Mom), Hercules 1998 (TV Series, Phils Mom ), Mickey Mouse Works 2000 (TV Series, Mrs. Turtle), House Of Mouse 2002 (TV Series, Mrs. Turtle), The Proud Family 2003 (TV Series, Hulga), Brother Bear  2003( Old Lady Bear), Teacher Pet 2004 (Mrs. Boogin), Home On The Range 2004 (Audrey, The Chicken), A Dairy Tale  2004 (Home on the rang spinoff),Kim Possible 2004 (TV Series,Drakken’s Mom) Dave the Barbarian 2004-5 (TV Series, Lula), Tarzan 2 2005 (Mama Gunda), Phill Of The Future (TV Series, Older Pim), The Emperors New School 2007 (TV Series), The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody 2005-8 (TV Series, Muriel), Sonny With a Chance 2010 (TV Series Grace Gallagher), Toy Story Toons 2011-12 (TV Series), and Jake and The Neverland Pirates 2014-16 (TV Series Peg Leg Peg).

Estelle Harris is one amazing birthday and she deserves and amazing birthday! Happy Birthday Estelle!


Disneyland Vs. Walt Disney World 

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have always been put head to head to see what resort is better. For me I see both resorts being unique in their own way, they both have their similarities and of course their differences which is why I think you can’t compare the two, but I thought it would be fun to point out some differences, similarities and fun facts about both DLR and WDW.


Walt Disney gave his opening day speech July 17, 1955.

If you listen closely when you are near the New Orleans train station you can hear morse code, the transmission is the first two sentences from Walt Disney’s opening day speech.

“To all that come to this happy place welcome. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promises of the future.” 

Walt Disney World:  

Walt Disney World opened October 1, 1971 sixteen years after Disneyland.

Unfortunately Walt Disney passed away December 5, 1966 at the age of 65.

Originally the resort was going to be called “Disney World” but Roy (Walt’s brother) renamed it Walt Disney World in his honor to remind everyone that it was Walts dream.


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.


Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. (Roald Dahl)

a-magic-banner-i-quote.jpgThis is my all time favorite quote. Its so inspiring and positive that even in my saddest of moods i know by reading this quote my day can be turned around and no matter the size or where i look there will always be a bit of magic around each corner of life.


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