On This Day: Estelle Harris

Happy Birthday Estelle Harris!


Estelle Harris is well known for the voice of Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story2, 3 and soon to be 4 and today April 4, 1928 this lovely lady was born.


She has done so many awesome voice overs and appearances in Disney shows such as Aladdin 1995 (TV Series), Timon & Pumbaa 1995(TV Series Timon’s Mom), Hercules 1998 (TV Series, Phils Mom ), Mickey Mouse Works 2000 (TV Series, Mrs. Turtle), House Of Mouse 2002 (TV Series, Mrs. Turtle), The Proud Family 2003 (TV Series, Hulga), Brother Bear  2003( Old Lady Bear), Teacher Pet 2004 (Mrs. Boogin), Home On The Range 2004 (Audrey, The Chicken), A Dairy Tale  2004 (Home on the rang spinoff),Kim Possible 2004 (TV Series,Drakken’s Mom) Dave the Barbarian 2004-5 (TV Series, Lula), Tarzan 2 2005 (Mama Gunda), Phill Of The Future (TV Series, Older Pim), The Emperors New School 2007 (TV Series), The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody 2005-8 (TV Series, Muriel), Sonny With a Chance 2010 (TV Series Grace Gallagher), Toy Story Toons 2011-12 (TV Series), and Jake and The Neverland Pirates 2014-16 (TV Series Peg Leg Peg).

Estelle Harris is one amazing birthday and she deserves and amazing birthday! Happy Birthday Estelle!


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