100th DCOM Celebration

Today is the final day of the 4 DCOM marathon on Disney Channel so i thought it would be fun to explain what a DCOM is and well list out the DCOM’s from oldest to newest.



Disney Channel Original Movie is a Disney movie that premiered on Disney Channel and not in theaters.

Disney decided to do this AMAZING marathon because its debuting their 100th Disney Channel Original Movie Adventures In Babysitting which will be premiering June 24 of course on Disney Channel. This movie is based off of the 1987 film Adventures In Babysitting, except the Disney channel version has a bit of a twist to it.





Northern Lights August 23, 1997

Under Wraps October 25, 1997



You Lucky Dog June 27, 1998

Brink! August 29, 1998

Halloween town October 17, 1998


Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century January 23, 1999

Can of Worms April 10, 1999

The Thirteenth Year May 15, 1999

Smart House June 26 1999

Johnny Tsunami July 24, 1999

Genius August 21 1999

Dont Look Under the Bed October 9, 1999

Horse Sense November 20, 1999


Up, Up, and Away January 22, 2000

The Color of Friendship February 5, 2000

Alley Cats Strike March 18, 2000

Rip Girls April 22, 2000

Miracle in Lane 2 May 13, 2000

Stepsister from Planet Weird June 17, 2000

Ready to Run July 14, 2000

Quints August 18, 2000

The Other Me September 8 2000

Moms Got a Date with a Vampire October 13, 2000

Phantom of the Megaplex November 10, 2000

The Ultimate Christmas Present December 1, 2000


Zenon: The Zequel January 12

Motocrossed February 16

The Luck of the Irish March 9

Hounded April 13

Jett Jackson: The Movie June 8

The Jennie Project July 13

Jumping Ship August 17

The Poof Point September 14

Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge October 12

‘Twas the Night December 7


Double Teamed January 18

Cadet Kelly March 8

Tou Confessions April 15

Get a Clue June 28

Gotta Kick It Up! July 26

A Ring of Endless Light August 23

The Scream Team October 4


You Wish! January 10

Right on Track March 21

The Even Stevens Movie June 13

Eddies Million Dollar Cook-Off July 18

The Cheetah Girls August 15

Full-Court Miracle November 23


Pixel Perfect January 16

Going to the Mat March 19

Zenon: Z3 June 11

Stuck int he Suburbs July 16

Tiger Cruise August 6

Halloween town High October 8


Now You See It… January 14

Buffalo Dreams March 11

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama April 8

Go Figure June 10

Life is Ruff July 15

The Proud Family Movie August 19

Twitches October 14


High School Musical January 20

Cow Belled March 24

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior June 16

Read it and Weep July 21

The Cheetah Girls 2 August 25

Return to Halloweentown October 20, 2006


Jump In!  January 12

Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board June 8, 2007

High School Musical 2 August 12

Twitched Too October 12


Minutemen January 25

Camp Rock June 20

The Cheetah Girls: One World August 22


 Dadnapped February 16

Hatching Pete April 24

Princess Protection Program June 26

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie August 28


Starstruck February 14

Den Brother August 13

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam September 3

Avalon High November 12


The Suite Life Movie March 25

Lemonade Mouth April 15

Phones and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension August 5

Geek Charming November 11

Good Luck Charlie, Its Christmas! December 2


Frenemies January 13

Radio Rebel February 17

Let it Shine June 15

Girl vs. Monster October 12



Teen Beach Movie July 19



Cloud 9 January 17

Zapped June 27

How to Build a Better Boy August 15


Bad Hair Day February 13

Teen Beach 2 June 26

Descendants July 31

Invisible Sister October 9



Adventures in Babysitting June 24

Throw Like Mo

Life-Size 2 Christmas 2016


Decedents 2 Summer 2017

I am very excited to see all the upcoming DCOM’s because each nd everyone is special and unique in there own way. What DCOM is your favorite and what upcoming DCOM are you most looking forward seeing?? Let me know int he comments below!


On This Day: Its A Small World

The happiest cruise that ever set sail opened May 28, 1966. It first premiered at the 1964 Worlds Fair which was held in Flushing Medows, NY. When the first “Its A Small World” opened Walt invited children from around the world to come help dedicate it by bringing containers of water from rivers and seas of their native lands and added it to the flume of the ride in Anaheim.


The Song is played more than 1,200 times during a 16 hour operating day. It is also the only other Disney entity since Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to remain without a Disney corporation copyright to help make the song a gift to the world.


The Legendary Disney Animator Marc Davis designed the scenes and characters, while his wife Alice Davis designed the costumes for the dolls which there are over 300 dolls in the ride. Blane Gibson designed and sculpted the animated dolls and each animated doll face is completely identical in shape and appearance to celebrate unity among the nation and culture which is celebrated on the ride.


Its A Small World appears at all 5 Disney Parks. In 2008 the Disneyland version of the ride was refurbished and 37 Disney character were added to their native lands.


For me and many others this ride is more than just a ride its more of a tradition. Although it may not be my all time favorite ride in the parks its a ride i have to do when i go to Disneyland because the trip is never complete without a ride on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Happy Birthday Its A Small World!


On This Day: Goofy 


May 25, 1932 Goofy was born!!! 

Goofy’s original name was Dippy Dawg. He first debut in Mickeys Revue May 25, 1932. 

Later in the year Dippy Dawg was re-imagined as more of a younger dog with a new name…Goofy.

Two of Goofys shorts were nominated for an Oscar: How To Play Football and Aquaman. In the 1960 three more Goofy shorts were produced. 

Goofy has to be the best character, he doesn’t like upsetting his friends and is always there when you need him. He’s also a great dad to his son Max!! How could you not love this adorable dog! 

Happy Birtday Goofy!!! 

runDisney Shorts: Complete

May 23, 2016


Day 8 & 9,

Yesterday my mom and i took off so we didn’t run, we had two more miles to go BUT we just went to bed. (It only said we ran 8.38 miles BUT i didn’t bring my phone the first mile so we ran 9.38 miles.)Today we knew we had to get a run in, but we decided that we would get the two miles at once to complete the series.

It felt really nice to run 2 miles at once especially when it wasn’t on a treadmill. This whole run was a lot of fun to do, we were inspired a bunch of people and inspired others to try out runDisney especially because you can do it at your own pace.

My nana was able to do her first 5k which she is now on a healthier path and is continuing to walk everyday no less than a quarter of a mile. She is also very motivated to not use her walker, and says she would like to cross the finish line with all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. disney paris 1

As for my mom and i, we are getting back on track with out running and were ready to continue to run and train for the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. runDisney is a great way to start your running journey, whether its at a Disney park or a virtual run the community is still there and people are so motivating and inspiring. Plus every mile is magic on and off Disney property.


I am very glad that i was able to do the shorts series and hope runDisney continues to do them. Adventure is out there.


rundisney Shorts: Day 7

May 21, 2016


Today was a hard day…working 7 days with split shifts we were very unmotivated BUT my mom and i got in a half mile so we now only have a little less than 2 miles left. which we are planning to complete on Monday because Sunday is another long day at work.


On a brighter note, my nana has finished her first ever 5k and will be receiving her medal!! I am really proud of her for sticking with it, she now wants to take on a 10k and she said she wants to cut her time in half for it! I love her.


All in all my mom and i are so close to the finish line and one more run closer to Paris!


runDisney Shorts: Red Pants Complete

May 20, 2016

Another 5k to check off the list which mean we have completed the Red Pants 5k.


She has done one mile in two walks. I am very proud of her for pushing herself, she did a great job, she now only has .25 miles to go to complete her Yellow Shoes 5k, and she will have completed her first ever 5k which i think will giver her confidence to do another runDisney 5k BUT this time at Disneyland with all her children, grandchildren and of course great grand children.


So she ran 2 miles straight under 20 minutes. She definitely pushed herself this run but she also realized she really hates running on the treadmill.


Because i was behind i wanted to get 2 miles in but i only had 30 minutes to run, so i sprinted my butt off i ran 2 miles in 14 minutes which i haven’t ran that fast in a long time. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself this mile i am now hoping to actually maintain a 7 minute mile.


My mom and i both have 2.45 miles left in our virtual run and we can literally see the finish line along with my nana. We are all feeling pretty good especially my mom and i because we are running in Paris a 5k and the Half Marathon.


runDisney Shorts: Day 5

May 19, 2016

So we decided to take a lazy night and instead of doing a full mile like we normally do we did a half a mile which is better than nothing so we will probably end up making it up tomorrow so we won’t be behind.


Nana has been making up excuses so this is the second day she only did .1 miles but thinking positively she is at least still getting top and doing a little bit of a walk. Still no muscle spasms at night which is great BUT she is planning on doing a half a mile tomorrow.


Still feeling really good, so far no more muscle spasms and has not been overheating which is great. Still trying to cut down our mile time.


I feel great about the runs, i feel like I’m really pushing myself to get a faster mile time. My back is still acting up but i think its i haven’t ran in quite a while because i hurt and was not able to run or do anything for 3 months.

One run closer to another 5k!


runDisney Shorts: Day 4

May 18, 2016

Its mile 1 for the Red Pants 5k which means only 5 more miles to go until we complete the series! So runners, SEEEEEEETTTTTT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Still having some knee pain, but so she took an easy day so she only did 0.1 miles which is fine because she still did something and something is better than nothing. She is planning on doing a quarter of a mile tomorrow, leading to a half the next day and hopefully a full mile on Sunday.


Running a mile is getting easier for her, the muscle spasms stopped, she has been using icy hot on her calves and shins and so far the shins splints went away and she hasn’t over heated in any of these runs.


Im still having some back pain, but I’m not to worried about it. Running is easy BUT I’m not liking all the wind that is going on…Ive been using the roller balls to help my back and legs, and i am planning on doing some core and leg workouts to help ease the pain in my back.


For the Red Pants 5k my mom and i are really focusing on time and form. We have dropped a minute and a few seconds off of our mile and we are making sure that we are running properly so we dont hurt anything.


My Top 5 Healthy Disneyland Snacks

I love food BUT sometimes I get on a  kick where i feel like eating a little bit healthier throughout the parks, so i thought it would be fun to share my top 5 favorite healthy snacks at Disneyland!


  1. Watermelon

I love and completely obsessed with Disneyland’s watermelon slices. They are so magical and delicious and its the best watermelon in my LIFE!!!


2. Apples

Red or green Disneyland offers apples and even though i LOVE LOVE LOVE my apples dipped in caramel and chocolate with sprinkles i like a plain old green apple every now and again.a6e6a5fad618ea2b0c16bd7ca731f84b.jpg

3. Mango Slices

I love mangos and i love mangos even more when someone slices them for me, which is what Disneyland does plus it comes with lime and Tajin which makes it magical!


4. Corn on the cob

Although it may seem weird i absolutely love corn and Disney sells corn on the cob three different ways: with Chili, cilantro and lime or a regular corn on the cob with butter and my favorite is Chili!


5. Dole Whip

I think this dessert is BOMB because its made with fruit and yogurt plus dairy free. Its a great refreshing snack that isn’t a whole lot of calories and its great especially if you are looking for something more on the sweeter side.

There are so many healthy snacks options that are available in the parks. These are just my favorite when i feel like I’ve eaten too much cotton candy and churros, BUT really who can eat to much churros?


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