Guardians Of The Galaxy Take Over!

Rumor has it Guardians Of The Galaxy will be taking over Tower of Tower. This has been floating around the internet for a while now but it seems like the rumors are true.


Although it has not been confirmed by Disney themselves, its been said we will not be visiting the twilight zone anymore BUT we will be following the the story of the Collector from GOTG which is suppose to be opening up in May 2017 when the second movie is set to come out.

I love Marvel, I love Disney and I love the fact that Disney now owns Marvel and can bring Marvel into the parks because its AWESOME and as much as I love GOTG I dont think that it should or could ever replace ToT.


The whole feel in that area of DCA is vintage and ToT fits perfectly in with the theming. Its an old run down hotel that is loved dearly, and i can’t see GOTG fitting in, its more modern and spacey. Plus Disney mentioned a new ToT movie so everyone is going to find a new found love for this ride and for me its such a classic DCA ride.

Again i love Disney and Marvel but i just dont like the idea of GOTG, BUT i want to know how you feel about this? what are you thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


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