What’s In My Purse: Puppy Edition

I think I may be completely obsessed with my pups…Everytime the pups and I go on an outing or when they come to work with me I always pack my purse/bag with my puppy necessities…so without further ado here is what’s in my purse! 


*i like to use the pop up water bowls because they save a lot of space.


*i personally think this is a puppy necessity so no matter what there are treats everywhere! I like using old Tic Tac containers because it’s very portable, easy to fill and comes in handy. 


*again it’s a necessity so for me, I can’t walk away from my pups poop, so these come in handy and I find the bags EVERYWHERE! 


*i personally like having wipes with me incase things get messy they are an easy fix until we get home. 


*normally carry the pups little bear toy, but the toy varies occasionally. 


*a necessity no matter if you have a pup or not, but I do keep there dog tags and ID in my wallet at all times. Yes my dogs have an ID. 

Let me know what you keep in your purse or bag for your pup! I’d love to hear what things you bring because I might have to start bringing it! 


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