runDisney Shorts: Day 2

May 16, 2017


We are off to a good start! My mom and i have 7 miles left, while my nana has 1.50 left.


Today she felt a little sore, BUT thats what happens when you work out. Her muscle spasms also decreased by A LOT which i am very happy for her. She is also incorporating running a lot and she races her great granddaughter which is AWESOME! Still using the walker BUT i know its only the beginning.


Trying to drop mile time, so pushing a little bit more. She also felt like she might be overheating BUT didn’t which was great. A little sore in the calves, but she’s working hard and staying positive.


I had a little bit of back pain while running, nothing horrible BUT definitely felt it. I pushed a lot harder going up hill to help with endurance. My stomach and legs are a bit sore, BUT i have been trying to keep my stomach tight while i run to tone it out.


Overall i feel like we are doing a great job, staying positive and been encouraging to one another!


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