I love food BUT sometimes I get on a  kick where i feel like eating a little bit healthier throughout the parks, so i thought it would be fun to share my top 5 favorite healthy snacks at Disneyland!


  1. Watermelon

I love and completely obsessed with Disneyland’s watermelon slices. They are so magical and delicious and its the best watermelon in my LIFE!!!


2. Apples

Red or green Disneyland offers apples and even though i LOVE LOVE LOVE my apples dipped in caramel and chocolate with sprinkles i like a plain old green apple every now and again.a6e6a5fad618ea2b0c16bd7ca731f84b.jpg

3. Mango Slices

I love mangos and i love mangos even more when someone slices them for me, which is what Disneyland does plus it comes with lime and Tajin which makes it magical!


4. Corn on the cob

Although it may seem weird i absolutely love corn and Disney sells corn on the cob three different ways: with Chili, cilantro and lime or a regular corn on the cob with butter and my favorite is Chili!


5. Dole Whip

I think this dessert is BOMB because its made with fruit and yogurt plus dairy free. Its a great refreshing snack that isn’t a whole lot of calories and its great especially if you are looking for something more on the sweeter side.

There are so many healthy snacks options that are available in the parks. These are just my favorite when i feel like I’ve eaten too much cotton candy and churros, BUT really who can eat to much churros?