runDisney Shorts: Day 4

May 18, 2016

Its mile 1 for the Red Pants 5k which means only 5 more miles to go until we complete the series! So runners, SEEEEEEETTTTTT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Still having some knee pain, but so she took an easy day so she only did 0.1 miles which is fine because she still did something and something is better than nothing. She is planning on doing a quarter of a mile tomorrow, leading to a half the next day and hopefully a full mile on Sunday.


Running a mile is getting easier for her, the muscle spasms stopped, she has been using icy hot on her calves and shins and so far the shins splints went away and she hasn’t over heated in any of these runs.


Im still having some back pain, but I’m not to worried about it. Running is easy BUT I’m not liking all the wind that is going on…Ive been using the roller balls to help my back and legs, and i am planning on doing some core and leg workouts to help ease the pain in my back.


For the Red Pants 5k my mom and i are really focusing on time and form. We have dropped a minute and a few seconds off of our mile and we are making sure that we are running properly so we dont hurt anything.


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