May 20, 2016

Another 5k to check off the list which mean we have completed the Red Pants 5k.


She has done one mile in two walks. I am very proud of her for pushing herself, she did a great job, she now only has .25 miles to go to complete her Yellow Shoes 5k, and she will have completed her first ever 5k which i think will giver her confidence to do another runDisney 5k BUT this time at Disneyland with all her children, grandchildren and of course great grand children.


So she ran 2 miles straight under 20 minutes. She definitely pushed herself this run but she also realized she really hates running on the treadmill.


Because i was behind i wanted to get 2 miles in but i only had 30 minutes to run, so i sprinted my butt off i ran 2 miles in 14 minutes which i haven’t ran that fast in a long time. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself this mile i am now hoping to actually maintain a 7 minute mile.


My mom and i both have 2.45 miles left in our virtual run and we can literally see the finish line along with my nana. We are all feeling pretty good especially my mom and i because we are running in Paris a 5k and the Half Marathon.