runDisney Shorts: Complete

May 23, 2016


Day 8 & 9,

Yesterday my mom and i took off so we didn’t run, we had two more miles to go BUT we just went to bed. (It only said we ran 8.38 miles BUT i didn’t bring my phone the first mile so we ran 9.38 miles.)Today we knew we had to get a run in, but we decided that we would get the two miles at once to complete the series.

It felt really nice to run 2 miles at once especially when it wasn’t on a treadmill. This whole run was a lot of fun to do, we were inspired a bunch of people and inspired others to try out runDisney especially because you can do it at your own pace.

My nana was able to do her first 5k which she is now on a healthier path and is continuing to walk everyday no less than a quarter of a mile. She is also very motivated to not use her walker, and says she would like to cross the finish line with all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. disney paris 1

As for my mom and i, we are getting back on track with out running and were ready to continue to run and train for the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. runDisney is a great way to start your running journey, whether its at a Disney park or a virtual run the community is still there and people are so motivating and inspiring. Plus every mile is magic on and off Disney property.


I am very glad that i was able to do the shorts series and hope runDisney continues to do them. Adventure is out there.


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