On This Day: Its A Small World

The happiest cruise that ever set sail opened May 28, 1966. It first premiered at the 1964 Worlds Fair which was held in Flushing Medows, NY. When the first “Its A Small World” opened Walt invited children from around the world to come help dedicate it by bringing containers of water from rivers and seas of their native lands and added it to the flume of the ride in Anaheim.


The Song is played more than 1,200 times during a 16 hour operating day. It is also the only other Disney entity since Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to remain without a Disney corporation copyright to help make the song a gift to the world.


The Legendary Disney Animator Marc Davis designed the scenes and characters, while his wife Alice Davis designed the costumes for the dolls which there are over 300 dolls in the ride. Blane Gibson designed and sculpted the animated dolls and each animated doll face is completely identical in shape and appearance to celebrate unity among the nation and culture which is celebrated on the ride.


Its A Small World appears at all 5 Disney Parks. In 2008 the Disneyland version of the ride was refurbished and 37 Disney character were added to their native lands.


For me and many others this ride is more than just a ride its more of a tradition. Although it may not be my all time favorite ride in the parks its a ride i have to do when i go to Disneyland because the trip is never complete without a ride on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Happy Birthday Its A Small World!


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