Sadly the rumor looks to be true…Guardians of the Galaxy will be taking over Tower of Terror.

The plan is to take out the Twilight Zone backstory to make room for the story of GOTG character Collector.

ToT’s retirement has been rumored to be coming this fall and imagineers will be giving the entire building inside and outside a bit of a makeover so the new version of the ride can open next May alongside the GOTG movie premier which will be held in DCA.


Since Bob Chapek arrived as the parks chairman he was planning to bring more Marvel in the parks.The rumored plan is to have a Marvel mega-coaster moved into the northern end of Hollywood where Stage 17, Monster Inc., and the kind of abandoned Stage 12 buildings are. So not only do we lose ToT BUT instead of leaving the Marvel coaster in Timon parking lot it looks like it will be replacing these buildings as well.

Even though losing ToT kinda stinks because for me its such classic ride in DCA i do think a Marvel themed area would be pretty awesome, i just don’t think Marvel will fit well in that area. I do understand that Disney has to spend 1.5 Billion in park expansion before the year 2024. So many changes coming to the happiest place on earth..but i guess we will just have to wait and see what will happen.